AboutAmy March

" We are helping people to celebrate their own uniqueness "

Who we are

March Design is a family run business that specialises in upcycling and upholstery. We run a one of a kind workshop that is based in Nottingham. As well as the furniture and upholstery, designer Amy March and Patricia March have designed and constructed a variety of custom built upholstery, furniture pieces and worked on many more projects including publications.

We are focused on the quality of our pieces. Each piece that we make is completely unique in its design and its history, for each item has its own story to tell just like the people who will end up owning them.

Amy’s approach to design was primed by her mother Patricia, who always used to say “every home should be as unique as the person who owns it”. Amy was inspired to design products that people could make a connection with, that would represent their personality, so that each time someone interacted with these products it would be like welcoming them into your own brain.

“I have always enjoyed art and design, and have delved in different crafts since I was little, sketching, sewing, sculpting, woodwork and other traditional art forms. Now I dedicate my time to creating unique pieces. I find emotional design is within many modern products and is one of the main parts of design I enjoy. Products that connect on an emotional level with the user are items that we just never throw away. Recycling the history behind old materials and telling their story to new people is another element I particularly enjoy.”

What we do

March Design is all about hand crafted products, some of which will be created from reclaimed materials, some from very traditional methods of manufacture- all are designed to tell a story that the user will want to tell others. These items are all collectable, for no two will ever be the same.

For our upcycled pieces, we collect reclaimed items and discover the history behind these items. The design of the furniture piece or product these reclaimed items become, is based on their history. Each piece has a story for the user to decipher and experience for themselves.

Our upholstery items are all handmade with the highest quality materials. We create a lot of bespoke pieces for customers who take full advantage of our custom design services, where we will create pieces that the customer has designed themselves. We also create bespoke pieces that have been designed in-house.

You can explore all the latest projects on our Blog, or visit our Shop to find a piece that fits you.