Designed for Games Workshop, the Citadel Miniatures Display Case is a modular display unit that grows as your collection grows. By displaying the miniatures in context, with features such as interchangeable backgrounds and lighting effects, the case forms an outlet for the user’s imagination.

Collectors of Citadel miniatures spend a great amount of time assembling, painting, gaming and especially displaying their miniatures that they have collected over the years. Each miniature has its own story, and what better way to tell the story than by first setting the scene?

The user slides the aperture feature along the inbuilt rail system to focus the user’s attention to their latest collectable. Each box unit is supplied with one aperture with interchangeable lenses. The interchangeable lenses are a collectable feature too. The user can create a wide variety of viewing effects, from magnifying to colour or texture changes.

The display case features sliding panels on a discreet rail system. This allows the user to gain easy access to their display by sliding across the front or side panels. Each display box is a product in its own right, which means it can be placed within a wide variety of home environments, including on bookcases and desks.

The case has been designed as a flat pack solution suitable for international shipping, to match Games Workshops requirements.

30cm x 61cm x 129cm