Stroll into the Victorian period and experience their elaborate surroundings and luxurious furnishings. Intricate detailings and experimentation with recently discovered materials, such as brass, added elegance and refinement to hand cast/carved furnishings.

You can achieve Queen Victoria’s look within your own home by adding pieces such as this, it’s brass legs were cast during the Victorian period, a time known for its ornamentation. The main surface of the table is hand carved wood, which offsets the brash brass legs. This allows the flowing floral pattern, featured on rare ceramic tiles, to sit in the centre of a lovingly restored wooden surface. The pattern itself is soft and delicate, and draws the eye naturally towards the centre, allowing anyone sat beside it to admire the table as a whole.

This piece of Victorian history is the very definition of luxury and power, hand crafted for a modern society to collect and share with others through its use.

48cm x 41cm x 43cm